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State of the art

State of the art

Premium tiered seating

Premium tiered seating

Boasting a 4.5metre scope screen, a 9.3.6 full Dolby Atmos sound system, we are unique in our field.  Why?  

Here we are able to display and demonstrate a multitude of home theater products and solutions for home automation, projection, systems, reference sound setups, lighting control and much more.

State of the art sound systems Dolby Atmos, DTS X and AURO 3D

We supply a whole range of AV receivers and AV processors ranging from Denon through to Arcam and niche brands with a focus on high fidelity like Storm Audio.  Come and experience what we can offer in our state of the art system comprising a 9.3.6 Dolby Atmos setup.

Home Automation Control 4

Experience Control 4 and the simplicity of controlling the whole system from a single remote.

Manage more than just entertainment—with
the touch of a button, dim the lights, turn up
the heat, and keep an eye on your security system.

State of the art projection systems Optimally calibrated projectors on demonstration

Reference grade pro cinema loudspeakers KRIX Loudspeakers

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